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Fund administration technology solutions

For nearly two decades, CSC has been at the forefront of fund administration technology. Our clients benefit from a mix of proprietary technologies and industry-standard platforms, resulting in a system that is flexible for private fund financial reporting, investor communications, and data management. Download the Brochure for more information on ViewPoint.

ViewPoint Investor Portal:
Purpose-Built for Private Capital

ViewPoint is a proprietary platform available to CSC fund administration clients and their investors. This innovative technology draws data from the fund's official books and records to power an integrated investor portal and accounting portal. With a single source of truth to facilitate and drive internal workflows and external reporting, your firm can achieve new levels of transparency, efficiency, and investor service.

ViewPoint offers three portal levels:

Accounting Portal

Avoid repeated, manual reconciliations, accelerate the review and approval of books, and eliminate version control issues with a seamless, data-driven workflow, secure file exchange, and real-time access to the fund's books and records.

Investor Portal

Enhance your experience with secure, self-service access to data and documents via an interactive portal.

Institutional Portal

Discover what a next-generation fund accounting and investor reporting platform can do for your firm.

Fund Administration Accounting Platform:
Enhance Growth and Performance

CSC leverages FIS™ Investran as its core fund accounting platform to process portfolio and partnership transactions, maintain general ledger and investor capital accounts, and track investor data for each client, ensuring efficient and timely processing of all client accounting information.

CSC ViewPoint Fundraising Data Room

Fundraising is one of the first and most crucial investor touchpoints. The CSC ViewPoint Fundraising Data Room elevates the investor experience and streamlines the fundraising process. Download the brochure for more information on the ViewPoint Fundraising Data Room.

Download the Brochure for more information on ViewPoint Fundraising Data Room

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