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Kristine Eppes

(302) 636-5466

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Headshot for Kristine Eppes

Kristine Eppes is the team leader of the Independent Director Group for CSC Global Financial Markets. Kristine handles the personnel management of the Independent Director Team, as well as all aspects of facilitating independent director appointments. These responsibilities include serving as an independent director, and managing transactions that require the review and negotiation of organization documents, contracts, and other legal documents requiring the services and signature of an independent director. Kristine works closely with law firms and corporate clients to ensure the deadlines of each transaction are met.

Since joining CSC in 1997, Kristine was instrumental in establishing the CSC Entity Services office in Las Vegas, Nevada, and served as an officer and director of Nevada-based holding companies. Her role also included corporate compliance—including officer and director services, part-time employee services, and lease of office space services. Kristine works directly with clients and coordinates communications among all parties, overseeing the daily operations of each company.