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Edward Morelli

(302) 485-1093

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Ed Morelli is senior managing director for CSC Global Financial Markets and CSC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Delaware Trust Company. Ed leads the expansion of our specialized escrow and agency products and services, including escrow, project finance, and reinsurance trust.

Ed has spent more than 30 years in the corporate trust industry, managing products such as municipal finance, escrow, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, loan agency, and reinsurance trust. He has an accomplished reputation of attracting talent, building and leading successful administrative teams, and providing superior and innovative services to his corporate trust clients.

Before joining CSC, Ed was a director with Citibank’s agency and trust services business and head of its specialized agency business for more than 20 years. Ed was also a manager and trust administrator for the corporate trust businesses at Bank of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Ed attended CUNY in New York, where he had a double major and received a Bachelor of Science in business for marketing management and computer science.