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Benjamin Hancock

(302) 485-1342

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Benjamin Hancock is a senior transaction manager for CSC Global Financial Markets and CSC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Delaware Trust Company. In this role, Benjamin oversees the onboarding and administering of a wide variety of corporate trust and agency accounts, including indenture trusts, aircraft owner trusts, reinsurance trusts, Delaware Statutory Trusts, holdback escrows, subscription escrows, and paying agencies. Since joining Delaware Trust in 2010, Benjamin has helped administer more than 2,500 trust and agency accounts including bond offerings for several Fortune 500® companies.

In addition to working with Delaware Trust, Benjamin has served as an independent director specialist at CSC for nearly 10 years and has been appointed to more than 1,000 special purpose entities.

Hancock earned his B.A. in history and anthropology from the University of Delaware.